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Maximillian Polhill is a Software Developer & Problem Solver

Maximillian is a 19-year-old self-taught programmer and entrepreneur. At the tender age of 2 he took an interest in technology when he received his first computer (an E-machine) as a gift from his late grandmother. He was creating animated music videos when he was 8 and he had an online graphics shop earning his first check from Google ads when he was 11. While paying attention to classes his sister was taking in college, asking questions about the books she was studying and listening to discussions between his father and sister, computer science sparked and held his interest.

In a few short years, Maximillian has figured out a way to use science, technology and mathematics as a creative outlet, single-handedly programming 1000's of lines of code and releasing his first mobile game at the age 14. Along the way, he has learned how to be self-motivated, problem solve, and research for solutions. Now he is the founder of Xavier Games, a one-man indie game development studio where he does all his own programming and creates the art, animations, music and sound effects for his games and projects. He is also pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

Recognized as one of today's up-and-coming teen developers, he was named to both Hongkiat's 10 Outstanding Teenage App Developers to Watch and Getschooled's Best Apps by Teens for Teens and has been profiled in LicenseMag for his Stellar Alien character brand.
His motto: “I hope this works!”
His favorite programming language: JavaScript
His second favorite programming language: Scheme

Technical Skills

Operating Systems:
-Unix (Mac OS X) (5 years)
-GNU/Linux (Debian) (3 years)
-Windows (5 years)

Programming languages:
-Experienced and proficient in JavaScript/NodeJS (5 years) -Working knowledge of ECMAscript 6 (1 year)
-Working Knowledge of C++ (2 year)
-Experience in Java (1 year)
-Basic knowledge of Scheme (Guile)
-Working knowledge of PHP
-Working knowledge of Python

Markup/Stylesheet languages:
-Experienced and proficient in HTML5/CSS3

Markup/Data-interchange formats:
-Knowledge of JSON and XML

-Experienced in WebSockets for use in Multiplayer Games (2 year and a half)
-Knowledge of TCP/IP

Web Development Libraries:
-Knowledge of jQuery

-Experienced and proficient in HTML5 Canvas API 4 years)
-Working knowledge of Modern OpenGL (version 3.3) ( 2 year)
- knowledge of WebGL (2 year)

Game Development Libraries:
-Experienced in Pixi.js (2D WebGL renderer)
-Working Knowledge of three.js (3D WebGL renderer) ( 2 year)
-Experienced in LibGDX
-Experienced in Box2D

Game Engines:
-Experienced and game developer in Godot Engine

Programming-related Tools:
-Basic knowledge of GNU Make
-Basic knowledge of CMake
-Working Knowledge of Git Version Control System (2 year)
-Working knowledge of gdb ( 2year)
-Experienced in usage of CocoonJS for HTML5 Games
-Experienced in vim text editor

Linux Desktop Environments:

Multimedia tools:
-Experienced in Adobe Photoshop (6 years)
-Experienced in Sony Vegas (8 years)
-Knowledge of Adobe After Effects (5 years)
-Knowledge of TexturePacker ( 1 year)
-Experienced in LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)

Math and Sciences:
-Knowledge of Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Geometry, Cosmology, Physics, Vector Math, and Linear Algebra.

Misc: -Agile programming (Pair Programming, Cross functional,Sprints)

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Technical Experience

Sole Developer - Stellar Alien

Xavier Games
March 2012 - Present

Sole Developer - Robot Leprechaun

Xavier Games
June 2015-Present

2D village simulation game made in Godot Engine for Windows, OS X, and Linux.
Module Project Lead - Mobile Application

Confidential Client
July 2014 – Present (1 year 3 months)

AR Module Lead - With a mobile app displaying 3D furniture models in user's home, using augmented reality.

Sole Developer - Stellar Blitz

Xavier Games
April 2015-Present

Sole Developer - Astro Combat

Udacity 2D Game Development project
July 2016

Founder / Executive Producer - Xavier Games

March 2012 - Present

Game Jam Entries

EXPURGET (demo) - Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34 - Jam Theme: "Growing" and "Two Button Controls"

Sole Developer - Programmer / Artist / Music Composer

December 9th - December 11th 2015

EXPURGET is a fast paced 2D Arena shooter. You're a complex weapon designed to purge any life form that comes your way. Your creators have put you in an early isolated test to examine your power. The longer you survive, the more strength grows in your enemies.

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